"Murali understood my personal needs and offered a holistic approach to develop mind and body to higher levels. I must say it was a great fortune to have met Murali and he taught many secrets of Health which I was not aware of before. Needless to say that my physical and mental well-being improved tremendously"


"I started with Murali a few years back. My breathing improved tremendously and I also stopped getting back ache or neck pains. Murali's relaxation technique helped me not only to relax but think better. My body also became flexible and my pulse rate dropped to the 60s (used to be in the 80s and 90s)."


"Murali passion as Health Coach was Awesome. He was able to provide me guidance for our physical and mental well being without pushing our body and straining it beyond limits. He introduced us to the concept of feeling replenished with energy after or workouts rather than feeling completely drained."


"My first objective was to reinforce muscles and reduce the back pain. I achieved the result as per my expectation. What I did not expect was that breathing exercises helped so much in the mind control. Another very pleasant surprise was to notice that relaxation practices made me feel so calm and improve performance and concentration at work. Murali coaching were not simply on workouts but truly complete in all the life dimensions"